Tired of listening to the same old playlists all over again? Feel like after all those years, an app should be able to generate fresh playlists from your own personal library? Try Genezik. Genezik is a smart playlist generator based on your musical tastes. By analyzing the “DNA” of each song such as: rhythm, timbre, pitch, energy, etc. and using artificial intelligence algorithms, Genezik creates a musical journey adapted to your mood from your own library.

Genezik LogoSimply select a starting song or a created category and let Genezik do the rest. If you feel that a transition between two songs is perfect and should be remembered swipe left on the song to input your feedback. On the contrary, if a song does not really fits after previous one, just swipe right to let Genezik learn from its mistakes. The more you swipe, the faster Genezik learns!

Note to newcomers: for an optimal experience, we recommend to have a well furnished library (above 500 songs) and to let the analysis run once with the phone connected to a power source.

Genezik is the product of people from the LTS2, a research group and the Metamedia at EPFL, Swiss Federal Institute Of Technology, Switzerland.


  • Use your existing iTunes library, no need to import songs
  • Generate smart playlists from you own library
  • Smart playlists are renewed as you use the app
  • Intuitive gestures to rate the transition betweens songs
  • Rediscover forgotten songs

Some screenshots