Continuing the tradition since I own a blog, this is my fourth hello world on this domain.

Previously, I was praising the static blog generator Pelican written in Python, explaining of how easy it was for geeks to write articles.

Well, it seems that I changed my mind by going back to WordPress once again. The main reason is that I spent a considerable amount of time tweaking Pelican and I was never really satisfied with it. Now that I use this website to present some of my artwork, I needed a better framework for image handling and presentation.

I must say I am really impressed by the power of Visual Composer and the Revolution Slider. The amount of customization one can do in wordpress pages is really amazing. It is not easy to use or maintain but so are custom animations in Javascript.

To conclude this short post and entertain the mind of the patient reader, I put a photo of my recent trip to Shanghai.

Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai, China.