August 2

Exhibition S.Callipyge, Cordes-sur-Ciel

Expo S Callipyge
900 years... This is the time difference between the construction techniques used to build the medieval city of Cordes-sur-Ciel, France and those created for this exhibition. Artworks are to be discovered until the 30th of August.
July 11

Podcast: Using Data Science to Generate Positive Emotions @DataTalk

April 18

Exhibition DATALOVERS, Brazil

DATALOVERS exhibition Porto Alegre
Organized by CAPPRA, the exhibition started in Porto Alegre, Brazil. It will then move to São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro by the end of the year.
March 24

TEDx Annecy

Kirell Benzi TedX
Keynote speaker. Theme: The Culture of Tomorrow. I presented my artistic approach with a talk entitled: Data art (L'art des données) in Annecy, France.
January 30


Inspiring technologies that can create opportunities for business. Workshop organized by EPFL and IMD business school. I presented the latest data visualization techniques to several groups of executives coming from 16 countries.
November 23

MAD session finale

mad session 2017
Finalist of the 2017 MAD session @ Palais des Congrès, Paris.
November 17

EPFL Alumni Gala

kirell benzi exposition
Exhibition in the SwissTech Convention Center.
November 13

Creating artworks from scientific data?

Creating artworks from scientific data?
Even if it may seem unnatural at first, the combination of art and science is gaining momentum in the research community. In this talk, I explained why data art is a formidable support for scientific communication by showing how I went from raw data mining to the final creative representation…
November 8

Swiss Data day

Keynote speaker on Data art, its definition, some examples and its value for companies.
October 25

World Conference of Science Journalists

World Conference of Science Journalists
Member of the Swiss delegation for the Alpine bid in San Francisco.
October 7

Magistrale, EPFL

Data conference
Artwork presentation for the graduation ceremony in front of 3000 people at the SwissTech convention center.
September 12

RTS interview

RTS interview
Interview on the Swiss national radio by Sarah Dirren: Une rencontre biologique entre science et art.  Presentation of the artwork Natural Heritage.
July 1

Workshop Montreux Jazz Festival

Data Montreux Jazz festival
Data art in practice with the Montreux Jazz Festival archive. Opening workshop!
June 29

Talk @ Ferme des Tilleuls

Natural Heritage data viz
Big data, science, and art: how to reconcile them. Vulgarisation speech.
May 30

Conference: eCom

salon e-commerce
Data – The virtuous circle: analysis, predictive modeling, and creativity.