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If you are wondering what is at the edge of our current technological horizon and want to master the most creative use of data, you've come to the right place!

To reach this goal, I regularly come up with free videos, blog articles, new workshops and online courses to gradually introduce the building blocks you need by starting from scratch with a visual hands-on approach.

Open to all, our journey will tackle essential tech-related topics such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Data Visualization and Virtual Reality under the prism of creativity and Art.

More importantly, I will give you a methodology and the tools you need to approach, understand and master current and future technologies faster. In our ever-changing tech landscape, the most important skill to master to be relevant in the future is to learn how to learn.

By the end of the program, you will have developed a solid understanding of data and pushed your creativity in ways you would have not suspected by transforming this immaterial matter into works of art.

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W → 001

High level description

This workshop offers a clear and comprehensive view of data visualization from theory to practice.

By the end of the workshop you will be able to:

- Judge the functional aspect, aesthetics and effectiveness of a dataviz

- Know how to select the best of representation amongst of vast library of designs, interaction methods and visual objects

- Rely on a effective design process to create your own custom-made dataviz

- Select the best tools (software, libraries) to manage or implement your vision

C → 001

High level description

Data is at the heart of all businesses, scientific discoveries and even romance!

To start playing with it, we first need a good understanding of what data is, how it is processed, stored, and analyzed on a computer or in the cloud. To do so, we review some technical jargon, and most importantly practice data manipulation through fun exercises.

More generally, we will develop an analytical mind and transform how we think to delegate work to a computer. This process, known as computational thinking, will be covered throughout the whole program with the tools and methodology we introduce here.

An example of a database TO BUILD and query
Airtable database example
Who is this for?

You are a student or working professional and you use a computer on a daily basis. You have no problem installing new software but you feel like you would like to know the technology that you use or sell to others at a deeper level.

You would like to improve your daily workflow or automate tasks but you don't really know where to start. You know in your heart that data is at the core of your (future) business and would like to harness its power better, without relying on other colleagues.

Most importantly, you are curious and want to learn new things.

Start here
Before we begin our journey together, we will review some cool projects, present the course's objectives as well as my methodology to quickly learn any new technology.

Each part is composed of lessons as well as exercices to practice your data skills.
What is data?
Data is everywhere, is everything data?

5 examples of datasets you create everyday.

Training our brain to be more analytical

Small vs Big Data
Structuring and storing data
Bits vs bytes, filesystem, binary files, music, images, text, video.

Tips on how to organize your own data efficiently.

The Cloud and data-centers.
Acquiring data
Let's talk about the Web in technical terms.

More on datasets, APIs, web-scrapping as well as ethics and use of data.
Data analysis
Data cleaning and how to assess how long your efforts should last

Algorithms with examples

Filtering, sorting, simple database queries

SQL, NoSQL, graph databases
Intro to data visualization
What is dataviz and why do we need it?

Some tools and how to get started

Filtering, sorting, simple database queries

SQL, NoSQL, graph databases
Intro to data science
The different jobs of data science

Where do I start?

Demystifying artificial intelligence (a bit)

Machine learning, statistics

Online resources for data scientist
Project and next steps
Presentation of the project

Where to get help and where to go from there

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