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Welcome to a world where the cutting edge of technology meets the boundless realm of creativity. If you're drawn to the forefront of our technological evolution and eager to master the artistry within data, you've found your haven.

In my commitment to fostering growth and innovation, I provide a wealth of resources – engaging videos, insightful blog posts, interactive workshops, and comprehensive online courses. Beginning with the fundamentals and progressing to the intricacies of Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Data Visualization, Interactive experieces, our approach is hands-on, low-code (or even no-code) and visually immersive, emphasizing the creative potential within these technologies.

I am excited to unveil an exclusive opportunity within the Decode community – a chance to connect, learn, and grow together on Discord. This is not just any community; it's a selective gathering of like-minded individuals, passionate about the intersection of data and art. As a member of this focused group, you'll have the unique opportunity to engage with me directly. This is your chance to receive personalized guidance, delve deeper into complex topics, and explore your creative potential in ways you never imagined.

Our Discord community is a space for collaboration, innovation, and artistic exploration. And for those looking to truly excel, I'm now offering 1-on-1 personalized training sessions. These sessions are tailored to your individual needs, providing an unparalleled opportunity to enhance your skills, receive direct feedback, and accelerate your learning journey.

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Available courses

Dive into the World of Interactive Graphics with A Comprehensive Introductory Course

🔹 Unlock the Power of Node-Based Programming:
Start your journey with an in-depth introduction to, a platform transforming how we create interactive graphics. No coding experience? No problem! Learn to manipulate complex code through a user-friendly, node-based interface.

🔸 Master the Cables UI: Get hands-on with the Cables interface, exploring fundamental operations like main loops, cameras, and basic shapes. Tailor projects with ease using Cables parameters, perfect for both beginners and seasoned users.

🔹 Data Types & Patch Management: Delve into the essentials of data types and learn efficient patch management techniques. Manage arrays like a pro, essential for animations and 3D creations, and explore string concatenation and texture basics.

🔸 Flow Control in Programming: Gain control over your creations with yellow trigger cables and sequence nodes. Learn to transform triggers into booleans, use timers for animation, and master loop and array operations.

🔹 Advanced Array Operations: Elevate your skills with advanced array techniques. Discover the art of manipulating positions, creating flat arrays, and optimizing code for peak performance.

🔸 Interactive Patches from Basics to Advanced: Transform your creations with interactive elements. Learn to manipulate visuals through widgets, organize patches efficiently, and incorporate audio cues for dynamic, responsive designs.

🔹 Asset Management in Cables: Dive into the essentials of managing assets. Learn how to import images, handle 3D models, optimize textures, and make objects react to audio. Discover asset reusability and get a preview of API integrations for more advanced projects.

🔸 Mastering APIs: Understand the fundamentals of APIs with a focus on REST and AJAX. Learn data fetching, authentication, and pagination through practical examples, and prepare for advanced API integrations.

🔹Texturing Techniques: Enhance your texturing skills, starting from basic texture application to advanced post-processing and generative patterns. Learn texture manipulation and scene enhancement, preparing for client projects and device-specific adjustments.

🔸 Coding in Explore how to create and organize operations (ops) within Learn to switch between visual and text-based coding, implement JavaScript functionality, and handle variables and functions.

🔹 Coding part 2: Start with basic array and object creation and visualization. Develop skills in iterating over arrays, performing computations, and using triggers for efficiency. Delve into object manipulation techniques and deep copying for robust data integrity.

🔸 Custom Library Integration in JavaScript: Learn to add custom libraries to Cables using methods like IIFE and ESM. Practical demonstrations include code wrapping, library bundling, and adapting user experiences.

🔹 Advanced Animation Techniques: Tease future tutorials focusing on advanced animation techniques. Learn to animate textures and movements using noise, explore Perlin noise for 3D modifications, and use PBR materials and lighting effects for realism.

🔸 Faust Audio Library Integration: In a bonus video, delve into integrating the Faust audio library within Cables. Discover real-time audio synthesis, compiling, modifying, and visualizing audio, and creating interactive audio-visual experiences.


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