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Network Art

UNDEV team


11000 emails per day, 2000 people.

This artwork encapsulates a day's worth of email exchanges between employees of a Swiss company and their external correspondents. Through a mesmerizing array of dots, each representing a participant in this digital communication, the piece paints a vivid picture of the day's interactions. The dots are elegantly color-coded to represent different business units, revealing a balanced flow of information that permeates the entire organization. The static image serves as a snapshot, a moment frozen in time, that elegantly captures the complexity and dynamism of corporate communication networks.

Interactive WebGL Artwork

Building upon the foundation of the static image, the interactive WebGL version of this artwork transforms the data visualization into a living, breathing digital ecosystem. This version invites viewers to dive into a dynamic exploration of the email exchanges, offering a hands-on experience that is as informative as it is engaging. Optimized for desktop use, particularly in Google Chrome, the interactive piece boasts features such as the ability to filter by anonymized business units, adjust the playback speed, and explore different color settings through an intuitive sidebar interface. Overcoming substantial technical challenges, this version leverages advanced coding techniques and custom shaders to manage and beautifully render massive datasets in real time.

To truly appreciate the depth and interactivity of this artwork, viewers are encouraged to explore the LIVE version. Here, the fusion of artistic vision and technical prowess unfolds, offering a unique opportunity to navigate through the intricacies of corporate communication landscapes.

Carbon CopyCarbon Copy

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