The Art of Touch


The Art of Touch
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Eduardo Maluf de Campos, co-artist,




The Art of Touch, a Nike Collaboration

Imagine a world where the grace of football merges seamlessly with the exactitude of data art. This was the thrilling landscape that Eduardo Maluf de Campos and I found ourselves in when Nike came calling. Tasked with the monumental mission of spotlighting Jamal Musiala as the living embodiment of Nike's Tiempo Football boot, we knew we had to deliver something extraordinary. Our chosen canvas was Berlin's Kindl gallery, and the event that unfolded was a harmonious blend of artificial intelligence, real-time data art, and the dynamic beauty of football.

Nike and AKQA initially approached us with a clear vision: to explore the often-overlooked art of 'touch' in football, elevating it from mere skill to an art form. While the subject and event were set by Nike, they entrusted us with significant creative freedom to bring their concept to life. The event was their brainchild, but we had the liberating latitude to interpret it, shape it, and ultimately, make it a reality. It's a rare treat to collaborate on a project where the concept is as groundbreaking as the execution, making this experience one for the books.

The Experience and the Technology Behind It

Imagine entering an obstacle course filled with fragile objects and statues. As participants, you're given the challenge of controlling a ball dropped from a height of 4 meters, maneuvering it with elegance and speed. Sounds simple? It’s far from it. Capturing the intricate metrics of the participants' movements was a robust algorithm. It tracked everything from joint displacements to the precise angles between hips, knees, and ankles in real-time. With our deep experience in data-driven art, data visualization, and machine learning, crafting the technical backbone of this project was like second nature to us.

Visually, we took a dive into large-scale particle simulations, guided by the real-time data from participants. The aesthetic choices, from the color palette to the particle behavior, resonated with Nike’s Tiempo boot and the overarching "MAD READY" theme. It was a challenging but rewarding endeavor to keep the visuals abstract yet data-accurate, striking a balance between artistic freedom and scientific fidelity.

The Ripple Effect: A Micro and Macro Success

While "The Art of Touch" was designed as an exclusive experience for a select VIP crowd, its impact reverberated far beyond the walls of Berlin's Kindl gallery. Among the attendees, the event was nothing short of a massive hit, creating a palpable sense of excitement and engagement. Yet, its resonance didn't stop there. Within just 24 hours of its unveiling on social media platforms like Instagram, the event earned close to 70,000 likes, creating a digital buzz that echoed its real-world success.

So, whether you were one of the fortunate few to experience the event firsthand or among the tens of thousands who engaged with it online, "The Art of Touch" managed to strike a chord on both micro and macro levels. It serves as a powerful example of how an intelligently designed, well-executed event can create waves both in an intimate setting and in the expansive realm of social media.

As Eduardo and I reflect on this project, "The Art of Touch" serves as a testament to the transformative power of blending data art with machine learning and interactive experiences. The uniqueness of each project keeps us excited for future collaborations. If this story captivates you, rest assured that this is merely the tip of the iceberg. The potential for future endeavors in this arena is boundless.

The Art of TouchThe Art of Touch

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