The Dark Side And The Light


The Dark Side And The Light
Network Art



20010 Nodes

66425 Edges

With more than 20,000 characters, the Star Wars expanded universe is the biggest fictional universe ever created. By showing how the different characters are connected, we can have a look at the conflict raging in the galaxy. The shades of blue nodes represent the Jedi, the Republic, the Rebellion and all forces associated with the light side of the Force. The dark side in red is mostly represented by the Siths and the Empire. The yellow nodes expose criminals and bounty hunters that are, unsurprisingly, mostly connected to malevolent beings. If you pay attention to the center of the picture, you can see the two most influential characters of the whole galaxy: Anakin Skywalker and Emperor Palpatine. May the Force be with you!

The Dark Side And The LightThe Dark Side And The Light

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