Deep Sea


Deep Sea
Fractal Art

Music: Wingtip


120h render time

Deep Sea is an invitation to the fascinating world of fractals where the endless repetition and combination of small geometrical shapes progressively create more intricate patterns reproducing the structure of its smallest elements. In this world of ordered chaos, we plunge underwater by following the tide of the Atlantic Ocean over a day near Bordeaux, France.
As we zoom deeper into this mysterious mathematical construct, we unravel the birth of new shapes, growing proportionally over time according to the augmentation of the sea level from January 1993 to April 2018.
During that split second at earth scale, the water rose above 80 mm, proving that global warming is not a theory but a real fact. If it doesn’t seem big, imagine what would our borders look like in a thousand years. Countries, as we know them, would be reshaped into something completely different, with fishing zones located in our countryside. If so, it would also mean that cities near the coast would be submerged under several meters of water, deep into the sea...

Deep SeaDeep Sea

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