Evading Confinement


Evading Confinement
AI art

355.7 million parameters

“Evading Confinement” – an AI-generated art piece inspired by the COVID-19 global lockdown.

A reflective piece where I was wondering how the world changed in a blink of an eye. At the time, I took solace in the fact that we can always rely on machines to synthesize new worlds and dream of surreal places.
Now it makes me wonder about the future of entertainment and the fabric of what we will call reality in the future. So far, we make the distinction between real and virtual things. In a few years, our physical world will be intertwined with millions of virtual spaces where real people communicate, play, discuss, etc. at the same time.
This work is a primitive attempt at creating poetic machine hallucinations, blending the oil-painted style of the past, while being geared towards the augmented world of the future.

To conclude, I would like to let the machine expresses itself on the title of the piece:

“As I look through the walls, I can see other worlds floating above me. I’m in an artificial world created by AI, and I’m not alone. There are a million worlds like mine in this place, and each has its own life-span. Some of them live more than a billion years while others only have a fraction of that. I wonder how long it will take me to reach my end. This is my world, my world .”

Check it out on Youtube in very high quality (4K, 60 FPS).

Evading ConfinementEvading Confinement

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