Outside The Box


Outside The Box
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12501 Nodes

15071 Edges

In the realm of digital innovation, this artwork embodies the transformative idea of visualizing professional networks, with data sourced directly from LinkedIn. At its core, it represents a dynamic and interconnected web of professional relationships, placing individual collaborators at the center and their LinkedIn connections spreading outwards to the image's periphery. This visual metaphor transcends traditional representations, embodying the concept of "outside the box" thinking. It challenges viewers to reconsider the structure and potential of their own professional networks.

The artwork’s inception involved a meticulous process, beginning with a structured, framed visualization that was gradually deconstructed. This deconstruction was not merely a creative whim but a deliberate effort to unveil the vivid and complex web of connections that define our professional landscapes. The use of vibrant colors in the visualization not only captures the eye but also differentiates the myriad of connections, with an interesting revelation that 94% of these links are exclusive to individual collaborators. This statistic underscores the uniqueness of each professional network and hints at vast untapped opportunities within these webs of connections.

The visualization serves not only as a representation of the current state of professional interactions but also as an inspiration for exploring the richness and diversity within one's network, encouraging a deeper engagement with LinkedIn as a tool for professional growth and connectivity.

Outside The BoxOutside The Box

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