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31983 Nodes

44110 Edges

Everyone remembers the hype around Pokemon Go in July 2016. This phénoménon, particularly visible on Youtube, has increased the counter of views in billions in just a few weeks. In this network shaped like a Pokeball, an essential accessory to catch Pokemons, each node happens to represent a Pokemon video on Youtube. The videos are connected if they are consecutive to another in a Youtube playlist. Even though the main colors (red, blue, white) are here only to increase the Pokeball effect, the shade of each point is proportional to the number of views of each playlist. In the center of the graph, popular videos are regrouped in well-connected communities that we can clearly see thanks to their colors. The rest, less popular, is scattered around the center, forming the surface of the Pokeball. Gotta catch ’em all!

Explore the network in 3D here


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