When The Sun Sets


When The Sun Sets
AI art



355.7 million parameters

This piece was created using artificial intelligence trained from millions of images.
I particularly like the contrast between the dark shapes in the sky and the flowers on the ground, it reminds me of our struggles as we try to overcome them.

The following text was also generated with AI using the name of the piece as input.

“When the sun sets I will think about our struggle.”

“Well, you are off again. I hope you find the following easy to understand.”

No-one knew what he meant by this. Most of them felt that it was meaningless, a useless word. “Well,” he said, “thank you for your support. You have my deepest gratitude, Mr. Max.” The praise had come just in time. A servant brought a wine-jug to fill the bottle with a thin, watery liquid. It was I. Huatli offered me a glass and I accepted it gratefully, but without a word. She could say nothing to me, but even she knew what Max was, and this was his house, the doorway was locked.

When The Sun SetsWhen The Sun Sets

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