Jazz Luminaries


Jazz Luminaries
Network Art

Prof. Sarah Kenderdine and ekino


5400 Nodes

30800 Links

In collaboration with Prof. Sarah Kenderdine, Andrew Quinn and ekino, Jazz Luminaries is an interactive fulldome installation featuring 5400 artists of Jazz, Blues, and Latin music connected through more than 30 800 links.

Reclined under the fulldome in a hemispheric gestalt, participants unfold an experience based on the social network constellations of jazz luminaries from the Montreux Jazz Archive. This installation based on the UNESCO Memory of the World collection, digitized at EPFL, cuts, remixes and replays 5’400 jazz greats and over 13’000 videos.

In this 3D pre-visualization, artists are clustered and colored according to their community. The densely connected center features stars like B.B King, Miles Davis, Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea or Santana.

Read the full interview here.

Jazz LuminariesJazz Luminaries

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